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Web 2.0 Became An Outdated Term

October 01, 2009 By: Sergey Rusak Category: News, Social Media

 Web 2.0 term emerged in 2004 to describe new websites, design trends, and applications. Many will agree that Web 2.0 term was used to show that Internet has changed and became better and at some point smarter. Many technology companies were using term to show that dotcom bubble in the past and Internet is different now. Web 2.0 term became a powerful term to sell new products such as application, scripts, web design, software, web tools etc. By the middle of 2007 term was overused and Google Trends (see graph below) shows that search volume for the term used to be extremely high.

Web 2.0 trend showing how people search for the term on Google.

 After 2007 less people began to use web 2.0 term and in 2009 it became clear that term is completely outdated. From one point it is became clear that nothing changed, we still have the same Internet like in 1995 but with higher speed, more options, and better interface. From another site, it is became easy to build websites, blogs, and flashy design, even middle school kid can build “Web 2.0″ blog with flashy design and buttons.
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Starbucks Via Marketing Campaign Met Opposition. Is it Company Smart Move or Big Failure.

September 30, 2009 By: Sergey Rusak Category: News, Viral Videos

 On Wednesday, September 30, 2009 Starbucks introduced Starbucks Via, new instant coffee in all location across United States. It was supported by massive advertising campaign prior launch. Starbucks expects around 10 million customers to come and try instant coffee for free in 7 500 locations.

Starbucks Via TV ad:

  Starbucks runs ads tryiong to explain that new instant coffee has the same taste like regular one. “We’re so confident that you won’t be able to tell the difference between Starbucks VIA and our brewed coffee, we’re inviting customers into our stores to see if they can tell the difference,” Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz notes. But entire marketing campaign can’t convict some critiques and coffee lovers who think that it could be the biggest failure for the company.
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Online Marketing Became More Popular Than TV Advertising in UK

September 30, 2009 By: Sergey Rusak Category: News, Web Marketing

 Online spending grew to £1.752bn in the first half of 2009, while TV spending decreased 16.1% to £1.639bn in United Kingdom according BBC News. For the first time in the history online advertising overtakes TV and it makes internet is the biggest marketing medium in UK. Internet advertising spending increased 4.6% for the first half of the 2009 and it made internet the only marketing medium with grew this year. Meanwhile At&t reported huge growth in their U-verse service, actually we had it put on at home and by using an At&t U-verse coupon code from we saved on the bundle package so thanks to them and while we are talking coupons here are a few of my top coupons sites listed for your pleasure


Future of Advertising - prediction in 1885

This is how people predicted Future of Advertising in 1885

Analyst Ian Maude of Enders Analysis commented on this situation: “TV maintains its role as the big daddy of display advertising, but the main driver of Internet advertising in the U.K. has been search and particularly Google Inc” (source Wall Street Journal).
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Controversy Around Breast Cancer Awareness Commercial Called “Save the Boobs”. Some People Think That it is Way to Sexy.

September 24, 2009 By: Sergey Rusak Category: News, Viral Videos

 Canadian charity organisation called Rethink Breast Cancer created video ads to reach teenagers and young crowd and explain that breast cancer is dangeourous for young wioman as well… apparently some people found that commercial is “way to sexy” and represent bad taste.


 I would say, it is the first time I see breast cancer commercial which actually talk with young people. Any other commercial I saw in the past targeted some old ladies and woman after 50 years old. Opinion that breast cancer can hit only older women is wrong, and this commercial show young women that it could be too late to diagnose and cure it.
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Twitter Has Killed RSS, Trackbacks, Comments, and Inbound Links.

September 24, 2009 By: Sergey Rusak Category: Web Marketing

 Just year ago I used to wake up and check performances of my websites, sometimes it was an hour long process to check trackbacks, buzz on Technorati, RSS submissions, Google Analytics, and website backend for comments, submissions, and recent activity. Now it just… who Tweeted me?  

No more links, only Tweets from Twitter

 It is sad but people don’t link your site from their blogs, websites, and social profiles. Almost entire web community moved to Twitter and people prefer to Tweet favorite links, good articles, viral stuff etc. Amount of incoming links dropped dramatically especially in blogoshphere, Darren Rowse mentioned that amount of inbound links dropped dramatically. Even annoying individuals who used to comment and link everyone to make friends moved to Twitter and now they Tweet every website and user they can find.
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Importance of Image Optimization For Search Engines. Examples of Traffic From Google Image Search.

September 23, 2009 By: Sergey Rusak Category: Web Marketing

Importance of image optimization was explained a lot of times by many web marketing experts (Example: Search Engine Watch, Web Analytics World, or SEOBook) but most webmasters still ignore basic rules to optimize images and attract get traffic from image searches like Google Images, Yahoo! Image Search, or Bing Images. Honestly, I wasn’t a big fan of image optimization for search engines because I was just lazy to tag (add “alt” tag) and write descriptions for each image. In August I decided to test how image optimization can improve my traffic. I spend all day applying image optimization and SEO strategies to images in my library. This week I took all data and it kind of impressed me so i grabbed my trustie bluetooth selfie stick i have for my iphone and started getting great shots to add.

Google Image Optimization & SEO for Images on A website. Example of traffic.

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Burger King Commercial With Erik Estrada. Growing Demand on Fictional “Estrada” Sunglasses.

September 23, 2009 By: Sergey Rusak Category: Ideas, Social Media, Viral Videos

In the beginning of September Burger King launched new TV campaign called “School of Endorsements” which feature Eric Estrada and Tony Stewart. Eric Estrada is trying to promote his “ultra fashion” Estrada sunglasses. Basically, it is oversized sunglasses with Estrada logo across the glass.

Commercial is funny, really funny! Kaneknotuser wrote on YouTube: “I saw this on TV with my 3 year old brother and after the last estrada he started laughing and he probably laughed 10 minutes straight”.
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Dunkin Donuts: We are Rebuilding

September 23, 2009 By: Sergey Rusak Category: Best Ads

Ad campaign by Dunkin Donuts to promote 14 new stores in Phoenix area.

Dunkin Donuts building ad to promote stores in Phoenix.
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Why High Website Traffic Can’t Guarantee Profit & How Monetize It

September 22, 2009 By: Sergey Rusak Category: Ideas, News, Web Marketing

 I remember 10-15 years ago my dad called me to announce a “great news”, he was a 1 000 000 visitor to some website and now he wait when people call, email, or mail him information on how to receive a prize. I was just laughing at him… Yes, 15 years ago people used to click banners, submit forms, and follow sponsored links. Today it is hard to trick users and make them believe in online offers and promotions. It is almost impossible to convict people to click ads even when banner or link has perfect match with your design, niche, or content. According John Chow, Google AdSense used to be a perfect tool to make money several years ago. Average earnings from Google AdSense was about $5-8 for 1000 impressions. Today earnings dropped to less than a dollar for 1000 impressions. It means, that you can get 1-3 clicks if 1000 people will visit your page. Easy to guess, only $100 for 100k visitors and $1000 for million visitors. 99.9% websites and blogs don’t have 1 000 000 traffic in a year.

 I still meet a lot of people who believes that they can make a fortune with Google AdSense but all their efforts end with desperate jumps from AdSense to Yahoo Ads, from Yahoo ads to AdBrite, from AdBrite to Bidvertiser etc. Capturing leads, selling stuff, and professional use of affiliate programs is the only way to make money online and monetise your website.

How website look:

Original Website The Way it Was Build

How reader see it:

The way reader view a website when he or she reads news or content

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Girl Drives a Car Around Showroom And Forces Boyfriend to Buy It For Her

September 22, 2009 By: Sergey Rusak Category: Viral Videos

Girl from Shanghai forced her boyfriend to buy brand new Buick Regal. Camera captured her screaming, jumping in the car, and driving around showroom. When car dealers were running in panic, boyfriend gave up and wived his credit card infront of her. Girl stopped only after guy gave dealer his card and followed him to complete transaction.