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Social Media Pillows. The Best Gift for Geeks & Social Media Freaks.

September 16, 2009 By: Sergey Rusak Category: Best Ads, Ideas, Social Media No Comments →

Handcrafted, 12″x12″ square pillows with social media logos became avaliable on Etsy-Craftsquatch. Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, Myspace, FriendFeed, and RSS Feeds and more. Pillows are on sale for $18.99 each.

Social media pillows. Twitter, MySpace, FriendFeed, Reddit, Facebook and more for geeks.

 Creator of the pillows also accept custom orders and can make the same onew with your logo.


Dollar Bill’s Discount World, Crazy Guy Selling Stuff.

September 14, 2009 By: Sergey Rusak Category: Viral Videos No Comments →

Guy who owns dollar store called Dollar Bill’s Discount World in New Hampshire record and post crazy videos on YouTube. He runs around his store in wierd clothers, scream prices, mumble about products, and do all kind of crazy stuff. I mean, you must see:


 Maybe he is crazy, but it is actually a great way to create low budget commercials and make people to remember your business. I mean, there are millions dollar stores across New Hampshire and I doubt if any of them can come with any advertising idea.

Duplicate Content on Shopping Sites. Avoiding Similar Product Description Across Multiple Networks.

September 14, 2009 By: Sergey Rusak Category: Web Marketing No Comments →

 Duplicate content issues is the biggest problem for most shopping websites. The problem comes with manufacturer description, most owners of shopping sites simply copy and paste product descriptions which was provided by supplier, manufactures, or host of affiliate network. Word to word description appears on multiple sites across the web and cause collective punishment from search engines.

 Here how Google, Yahoo, and Bing work with content… their algorithms is created to find original source of unique content and avoid appearance of a websites which steal content and violate copyright laws. When 1000’s shopping networks and sites use the same manufacturer description it moves all of them into omitted results. Often only one site remain in Google, Yahoo, or Bing index as content source.


Duplicate Content, Avoiding Similar Description

 Description from Amazon and Target websites for wooden hangers appears in 172 other websites and networks. As result, Google index only 13 of them and moved other 159 networks into omitted results with 0 chance to appear in search index when people search for wooden hangers, cheap wooden hangers, affordable wooden hangers, large wooden hangers ets…
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