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Web 2.0 Became An Outdated Term

October 01, 2009 By: Sergey Rusak Category: News, Social Media No Comments →

 Web 2.0 term emerged in 2004 to describe new websites, design trends, and applications. Many will agree that Web 2.0 term was used to show that Internet has changed and became better and at some point smarter. Many technology companies were using term to show that dotcom bubble in the past and Internet is different now. Web 2.0 term became a powerful term to sell new products such as application, scripts, web design, software, web tools etc. By the middle of 2007 term was overused and Google Trends (see graph below) shows that search volume for the term used to be extremely high.

Web 2.0 trend showing how people search for the term on Google.

 After 2007 less people began to use web 2.0 term and in 2009 it became clear that term is completely outdated. From one point it is became clear that nothing changed, we still have the same Internet like in 1995 but with higher speed, more options, and better interface. From another site, it is became easy to build websites, blogs, and flashy design, even middle school kid can build “Web 2.0″ blog with flashy design and buttons.
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Twitter Has Killed RSS, Trackbacks, Comments, and Inbound Links.

September 24, 2009 By: Sergey Rusak Category: Web Marketing 2 Comments →

 Just year ago I used to wake up and check performances of my websites, sometimes it was an hour long process to check trackbacks, buzz on Technorati, RSS submissions, Google Analytics, and website backend for comments, submissions, and recent activity. Now it just… who Tweeted me?  

No more links, only Tweets from Twitter

 It is sad but people don’t link your site from their blogs, websites, and social profiles. Almost entire web community moved to Twitter and people prefer to Tweet favorite links, good articles, viral stuff etc. Amount of incoming links dropped dramatically especially in blogoshphere, Darren Rowse mentioned that amount of inbound links dropped dramatically. Even annoying individuals who used to comment and link everyone to make friends moved to Twitter and now they Tweet every website and user they can find.
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Social Media Pillows. The Best Gift for Geeks & Social Media Freaks.

September 16, 2009 By: Sergey Rusak Category: Best Ads, Ideas, Social Media No Comments →

Handcrafted, 12″x12″ square pillows with social media logos became avaliable on Etsy-Craftsquatch. Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, Myspace, FriendFeed, and RSS Feeds and more. Pillows are on sale for $18.99 each.

Social media pillows. Twitter, MySpace, FriendFeed, Reddit, Facebook and more for geeks.

 Creator of the pillows also accept custom orders and can make the same onew with your logo.


Twitter to Allow Advertising

September 14, 2009 By: Sergey Rusak Category: News, Social Media No Comments →

Twitter changed terms of service and allow advertising.

Twitter blog states: “In the Terms, we leave the door open for advertising. We’d like to keep our options open as we’ve said before”. Also, more added about spam: “Abusive behavior and spam is also outlined in these terms according to the rules we’ve been operating under for some time.”


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Facebook Twitterification… Facebook Lite Goes Live.

September 12, 2009 By: Sergey Rusak Category: News, Social Media No Comments →

Facebook released Facebook Lite version which allow users to see quick and simple updates from their friends and post information. It was made for users with slow internet connection and available in United States and India. Yes, lite version looks like Twitter with quick links on top which allow people to post photo, video, or update status. To access Facebook Lite you need to follow:

Facebook logo in the window

It is another step to move forward and compete with Twitter. Facebook already introduced live status updates, status tagging, and bought Friend Feed.

“Mad Men Yourself” – Viral Web Application to Promote Mad Men Television Series

September 05, 2009 By: Sergey Rusak Category: Ideas, Social Media No Comments →

Web applications became a powerful tool in marketing. Success of Elf Yourself by Office Max turned web application into powerful marketing tool to generate brand awareness in online and offline media. Creation of web application and placing it on a corporate website brings more traffic to a website when “word of mouth” spreads across social networks like Facebook, MySpace, or Twitter.

Madmenyourself - web application to promote Mad Men television series

My “creation” on MadMenYourself, I called it “Me in 20 years”.

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Digg Decides to Add Nofollow to Suspicious Links

September 03, 2009 By: Sergey Rusak Category: Social Media, Web Marketing No Comments →

 Digg reported that nofollow tag will be added to some links, “We’ve made a few changes to the way Digg links to external sites that may impact some folks in the SEO community… We’ve added rel=”nofollow” to any external link that we’re not sure we can vouch for. This includes all external links from comments, user profiles and story pages below a certain threshold of popularity” stated on Digg blog. Clear decision made to reduce spam and unwanted links from some SEO’s. It is not a secret that some people don’t really care about news distribution and appearance on frontpage, many webmasters see Digg as a place to get powerfullink and improve search engine rankings.

Spam links in Digg index

Spam links submitted in Digg. Viagra, replica watches,
and make money fast is on demand!

 For many years Digg was trying to avoid rel=”nofollow” tags hoping that community will bury spam submissions naturally, as we can see it didn’t work really well. Some “smart” SEO’s used to create multiple profiles from different ip and vote for their own submission, some of them even created communities to exchange Diggs.
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Twitter Hired Founder of Feedburner as Chief Operating Officer

September 03, 2009 By: Sergey Rusak Category: News, Social Media No Comments →

 According Techcrunch, Twitter hired Dick Costolo as COO, he will start next week. Dick Costolo is a founder of Feedburner which was sold to Google for $100 mil back in 2007.

Dick Costolo, Feedburner founder.

 By August, 2009 Twitter reached almost 50 million unique visitors worldwide and now it struggles to become major online news source. Also, Twitter is looking to generate revenue from their free service. It is belived, that Dick Costolo knowledge and experience in social media will help Twitter to move in right direction and be able to build more features to deliver news and information.

Twitter for Small Business. Techniques & Strategies to Sell Products & Services.

September 02, 2009 By: Sergey Rusak Category: Social Media, Web Marketing No Comments →

 Would you hire someone to Twitter for you? Sound funny for most of you, but Twittering for hire is on demand since many business owners feel like Twitter is the way to go to expand your brand and reach customers. Most my clients provide interest to Twitter and ask the same common questions. By managing several accounts we build strategies and tips which worked perfectly and turned Twitter in to pr and sales tool.

Twitter for small business to sell services and products

 In the recent months we used Twitter for several business owners like car dealers, yacht and boat dealers, financial companies, and lawyers. We never created any viral sensations and never reached more than 500 followers but Twitter worked for us to improve sales and bring new customers for our clients.
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Washington Post Accused Blogger of Ripping off Article

August 28, 2009 By: Sergey Rusak Category: News, Social Media No Comments →

 Last year Associated Press decided to sue bloggers who links and quote news articles from their site, unpopular move sparked a lot of debates in blogosphere and many blog sites boycotted AP.

Plagiarism: Ctrl C + Ctrl V

 Washington Post decided to go the same way by accusing Gawker in plaigiarism. Apperently, Gawker Media writer qoted some parts of the article from Washington Post providing link back to original source. Gawker is a popular blog, not a splog which steal entire content, and many writers and web publishers will agree that link back from powerfull website gives extra visibility, higher traffic, and put original story on the next level of debates in social media. Washington Post and their writer Ian Shapira don’t think the same way, Shapira published another article with outrage to Gawker Media.
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